18 coming up, whats news?

Oooooh Heyyyyyy

Back again after a long awaited return as i can tell,

Logging back into Word press 2day, i forgot my password, forgot where to click and forgot my actual URL link, thank god for history save is all i can say.

So im 18 in a few weeks (21 June) and honestly cant wait,

I get to Drive! Finally!  Be a few happy people about that certain fact. In around the last 4-5 months its been the biggest pain not being able to drive. Oh cool this awesome thing (Frisbee Comp) is in Ballarat (as an example) and yer i’ll come but oh wait yer i cant drive there…. Bugga!

Yes i know how you all wish you could get to the Frisbee Comp too, i understand, just something you need to deal with.

But anyway back on turning 18.

I am having a lil get together for it, something not to big not to small i think its just right. Some close mates and family over and Celebrate the Life of Manchild, really why wouldn’t u! So looking forward to that night it should be a good one.

I’ve had a few people ask me of whats the first thing your gonna do when you turn 18??? Most people react with Im gonna get sooo smashed!!! won’t be able to see colours in the morning it will just be a blur! but me?

Well ive planned it out, I turn 18 on a Sunday, so get my License on Monday, so, wont be going out the Sunday, Il be waking up early that Monday morning have a driving lesson before my License Test and ace it! Then go to work for the Day, being so happy about getting my License that il shout lunch (prob not but i can still say it) and go to that lil place we call Nandoes and enjoy. Then that night, drive home, get my Frisbee Gear and Pick Birdman up and go for a throw, (praying on the weather will be good). Then after a good hour of exerise we will go drive through Maccas, its really a must for anyone. Then after that well i havent planned that far ahead but im sure it will be something just as extreme as Frisbee and just as Dirty as Maccas. So yes probably some Rockband 😛

Having not updated my Blog in a fairly decent amount of time il fill you in with whats been happening in my life.

Manchild has a girlfriend yep sorry ladies, almost 3 months strong and looking good.

My Rock band Drum foot pedal has broken twice but now its indestructible thanks to my Pa who made it from a Hard crappy plastic to a 90% Metal riveted Machine, there really only one word for it and its AWESOME!

Indoor Frisbee is back up and running and allot of fun as always.

Loving some of the new albums out in the last few months, Silver sun Pickups , Phoenix just to name a few.

So Ladies and Gents, Think that’s all for now, hopefully will get a pst up again soon if anything interesting happens, or il just write some stuff like this that doesnt really have a point to it but you still read it! Gotta love the Internet!

Manchild says byeeee


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How Man-child came to be…

Your Like a Man-child!

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First Post Ever!

Hello All,

I have decided to create a blog, I see a few of my mates who have there own like Heller http://web.me.com/hellerphant (one of my best mates who you will all find out about in future posts). I enjoy reading what they have been up to and there hilarious stories they tell.

This gave me the urge to create my own and tell the world about me and my stories.

My first post i thought i would tell you all a little about me and what I’ve been up to this past week. So to kick start this let me introduce myself.

My Name is Cameron Ford, Also know as Cam, Cammy, Camski, Fordy, Manchild (Will tell you about it later) and a few others.I am 17 at this point in time and i currently work as a Computer Technician at a Local School.

I play Ultimate Frisbee for Sex Raptors A team name you could be familiar with… if not let me explain. There is a band, they are called, Horse the band, now this band is an experimental metalcore band from LA, they then do a song which is not like this, no it is a master peace and this song is called Sex Raptor. That is the short story of how this name came to be.

Through out my little life I’ve done a few things.

I’ve had Major spinal surgery,

Gone to the USA for 9 days (and yes this does include 2 days of flying there and back).

Went to China to play Table Tennis and get absolutely SMASHED by a kid who could hardly look over the table! (maybe a little exaggeration but not as much as you may be thinking).

Fell Over in year 3 whilst running away from a kid in the playground and smash my forehead onto a Massive Cement pillar and had an egg on my forehead as big as those M&M eggs you buy for Easter so yer rather big.

Played Frisbee in Melbourne in what i can only say the worst weather possible this meaning raining to the extent of that even ducks would say this is some bad weather! Winds that kept changing direction so the Frisbee was more likely to hit u in the back of your head than going a meter in front of u. But yes, we still played in this, you may be asking why? why would you, well as a fellow Frisbeeion, no weather is to bad for a throw. This is beautifully explained by AFDA main man just before the Melbourne hatRueban Berg

This is where i sign off for today’s post.

Hope you all Enjoyed reading this, and look forward to whats to come. I hopefully will be Posting one a week or once a week or every few days.

Catch ya’s!

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